What’s the Latest in Abaya Fashion Trends?

Every season brings with it new fashion trends. This season, one that is quickly gaining attention around the world is the abaya. At first glance, you may recognize the abaya as a traditional dress commonly worn by women throughout the Middle East. Accompanied by the hijab, it is an outfit that most women in the Middle East wear outdoors. While this traditional dress has remained essentially unchanged for many years, designers are doing new and interesting things with this classic garment that is changing fashion in this region of the world and beyond.

Abaya FashionsTraditionally, the abaya is a very dark dress – usually a shade of brown or black – that is occasionally adorned with silver and other colors. That is not always the case, however. Fashion designers have been experimenting with new colors, giving the abaya a brighter and more modern look. Some of these dresses are even being made with shades of gold, copper and similar colors that add an extra special touch and bold appeal.

New colors aren’t the only way that the abaya is changing this year and into 2016. Many women are now choosing to wear decorative scarves and more stylish hijabs to go with more stylish versions of the abaya. Interestingly, because the abaya is designed to be worn throughout the entire year, there is a focus on versatility to ensure it is comfortable in any type of climate. Designers are also placing a greater emphasis on patterns and fabrics that match pants and other undergarments worn beneath the dress.

These new trends with the abaya and hijab is a perfect example of how even some of the oldest clothing styles in the world are always susceptible to change. We’re eager to see how the abaya continues to change and evolve in the coming years. Take a look at some of our great abaya designs now for all ages, or stop in to our London store today.